Rowan DK - Subterranean Sprinkle Dye

Rowan DK - Subterranean Sprinkle Dye

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Subterranean Sprinkle Dye is a coordinate for our Subterranean Rainbow Gradient set.  It starts with a light aqua and is sprinkled and dappled over with colors from the gradient--golds, purples, browns, greens, teals, charcoal, indigo.

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Rowan DK is our blend of 85% Polwarth wool and 15% Silk.  This yarn is wonderfully soft and smooth.  It takes dye a bit more vividly than some other non-superwash yarns because of the silk content, and has a lovely sheen.  One of our very favorite yarns to dye and knit.  Skeins have approx. 331  yards and 4 oz.