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The shopping cart will calculate shipping for you.  You can estimate shipping by adding items to your cart, and clicking the "Calculate Shipping" button.  You will then be prompted to select your country and enter your postal code for an accurate estimate.  We ship anywhere in the world.

We will take back any item for ANY reason, provided it's in like-new condition, within 30 days of your purchase.  ANY reason, such as 'I'm not sure I like the yarn', 'I changed my mind', 'the color looked different on my monitor', etc.  We at Mosaic Moon want our customers to be happy!  We want you to be able to buy with confidence.  Our only provisions are that we will deduct the actual shipping cost of your order from your refund, and we do charge a 10% restocking fee.  We regret that we cannot accept returns on custom orders.

We accept credit cards or direct cash payments through PayPal.  It is not necessary to have an account with PayPal to pay with your credit or debit card through the cart.  Orders paid with an "echeck" through PayPal will be shipped upon completion of the transaction through PayPal, which usually takes 3-5 days.  Money orders or personal checks are accepted, please email us for details.


Who is Mosaic Moon?
Mosaic Moon is a small, home business.  We do all dyeing, knitting, shipping, etc. from our home.  "We" are Morwenna and husband David, and our 7 children (who range in age from 21 years to 9 months!)  We are a homeschooling family, and the business provides the bulk of our family income.  The kids all help out too--  from winding by the older boys, to helping Daddy with the postal runs and sweeping up by the younger kids, to testing out yarn and knits by the baby.  We love our work and take pride in it, and we think it really shows!

Why is your yarn so expensive?
We start with the highest quality yarns.  We add professional quality dyes and dyeing agents; and a whole lot of our time, attention, and care.  Compared with hand dyed, boutique quality yarns at your local yarn shop, we believe that our yarns are a very good value.  We realize that many of our customers are stay at home and work at home moms who need a good value for their dollar.  We believe that using high quality wool along with offering great customer service and a generous return policy means that our customers really do get just that. 

Each skein is individually dyed with great love, care, and attention.  We start by skeining the yarn up from cones.  The yarns are washed and soaked.   The dyes are then mixed (all of our colorways make use of uniquely mixed dyes), and expertly applied.  The yarn is processed on the stove top or in the oven, then carefully rinsed, squeezed out, and  hung to dry.  After drying, the yarn is reskeined (re-wound so that the colors distribute evenly throughout the skein), tied off, and the label is filled out and attached.  Then the yarn must be packed with care, shipping label purchased and printed, and taken to the post office to begin it's journey to your home.  We work very hard to bring you a high quality, beautiful product!

What type of wool wash do you recommend for washing your wool?
While we prepare and dye our yarns and fibers very carefully, using only the highest quality, professional dyes--due to the nature of hand dyeing, some excess dye may remain in your yarn/fiber (especially for the first few washes).  We recommend washing carefully, with an added 1-2 T of white vinegar in the wash water to help prevent dye migration.  This is especially true for spinning fibers/rovings as we are not able to rinse them as virgorously as the yarn due to their delicate nature.  You may like to add vinegar to the water when setting the twist on handspun yarn, for example.

Also, please note that although dyes are set when they leave our hands, certain soaps or woolwashes (especially those with chemical scents or eucalyptus oil) may cause the dye to bleed out of the yarns/fibers.  You will need to experiment to determine which wool washes or soaps are best for your wool.  Additives to water systems may also cause some dye bleed.  We have found it best to wash wool with a touch of white vinegar, as this seems to solve the problem.  We have also found that the wool washes from Naturally Luxe  are excellent for washing our wool and fibers.

Does your yarn have Dye Lots?

Each skein of yarn that you receive will come date-stamped with it's 'birthdate'--this is the date on which that particular skein of yarn was dyed.  Although technically from the same Dye Lot, by nature hand dyed yarns will vary in color/depth/intensity from skein to skein and even within the same skein--this is part of the beauty of hand dyed yarns.  It is possible to get a close enough match from 2 skeins with different 'birthdates' to be used on the same project, although that is not recommended.  It's always best to alternate skeins when using hand dyed yarns.

Do you really dye all the yarn yourself?  You stock an awful lot of yarn.
Yes, we really do dye all the yarn ourselves.  Since Mosaic Moon is the family's main source of income, both David and Morwenna invest most of their time in the production of yarn and running the business.  Morwenna  applies all of the dyes.  David does all of the dye mixing, much of the rinsing, and  drying.  Morwenna does the photos and anything having to do with the computer/customer service.  David fills out most of the yarn labels (if you see *really* neat writing on your label, it's David's--if it's a bit "artistic", well....)  and David does all of the postal runs.  We have worked out a fairly good, efficient method for dyeing batches of colorways, but yes, we do dye every bit of yarn ourselves.

Do you offer Wholesale pricing or Co-ops?
Yes, we have just begun some wholesale accounts and are doing our first co-ops.  If you would like pricing information and terms, please email Morwenna.  There is a minimum order requirement of 16 skeins per colorway.  More information about co-ops can be found here.

Do you take custom orders?
We occasionally do custom dyes  and custom knitting.  Those spots are usually offered on our cart.  Due to the way we dye, custom dye orders are usually not convenient for us at this time.  If you need a little bit of trim to match a colorway, or a special pair of booties for a gift, please email us and we will try to fit it in.

What is the best yarn to use for soakers?
This is probably our most frequently asked question--and the hardest to answer!  Tastes vary so much, and it also depends what you are looking for in a yarn and finished product.  All of the yarns that we currently sell are suitable for soakers.  Our most popular yarns right now are the Blue Faced Leicester wool, and Mountain Meadow Rambouillet.  Generally, the more durable the yarn, the less soft--so it's really a trade off.  If you simply must have the softest yarn ever, choose the Uruguay merino in single ply, or even luxurious cashmere!  If tough wearing is important, choose Mountain Meadow (still quite soft!)  If you love organic, then the organic Gaia merinos may be for you.   With so many choices, we feel confident that you will find a Mosaic Moon yarn that you love!  Please feel free to email us and request samples of any of our yarns.

If I buy your Diaper Pattern, can I make and sell diapers?  How do I get a Diaper license?
Your purchase of our Mosaic Moon One Size Fits Most Diaper Pattern allows for home use, no sales, only.  If you would like to make and sell this great diaper, you will need to apply and pay for a license.  Interested parties, please email Morwenna  and request our informational email on Diaper Licensing.

Where is your Diaper Store, how do I get there?
The diaper store is currently inactive, but you can contact Holly at Momufactued Designs for a custom order.

But I have more questions!
Email us with any other questions you have, we may also add them to our FAQ!

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