Co-op Updates/Dyeing Calendar

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  The dates on this dyeing calendar are approximate.  Your yarn will most likely be dyed within 2 weeks either way of it's date on the calendar.  Yarn supply issues, employee availability at our small family business and other variables make it difficult to pin down dates exactly.  The calendar is for estimating purposes only, and a place to track the progress of your order.  Orders are currently being shipped out upon completion and upon our receiving full payment and payment of posted shipping charges.  See our Ravelry Group for details.

For co-op information, please read this page:  Most of our co-ops are run by us on our Ravelry group.  smaller, private co-ops can often be accommodated, and will be drop-shipped by us.  Email for details.

**Important Scheduling Note**
A spot on our dye calendar is a date for the dyeing.  Dates are approximate and are subject to change.




June 25, dyed Apple Picking, Pink Lady, and Neon Fireworks Blurple SS

June 27, dyed Bazinga, Summer Glow custom, and Scaredy Cat Grey


July 2, dyed Wilbur's WW, and Lugh's Rainbow

July 7, dyeing Queen Elsa Custom, Mulberry Wine, and Cadence SS

July 8, dyeing Mojito, Blue Goblin, and Polly Blue SS

July 9, dyeing Kate, Woodland Friends, and Ballet Slipper SS

July 10, dyeing Whiskey You're the Devil with Olive, and Empath

July 14, dyeing Colibri, and Barn Owl

July 15, dyeing Cinnamon Coffee, Cornish Pixie, and Cornish Pixie SS

July 16-17, dyeing Dragon Co-op

July 16, dyeing Cape Cod Deconstructed

July 17, dyeing GITFP Deconstructed

July 21-30, ***dyeing July Co-op***

July 21, dyeing Severus Snape and Tresor

July 22, dyeing Wrapper's Rainbow and Sunset Moth

July 23, dyeing Spellbound, Ice Pop Custom, and Antique Gold SS

July 24, dyeing MacLir and Water Sprite

July 28, dyeing Rainfeather, Daydreamer, Luigi Custom, and Pure SS

July 29, dyeing Yoda, and Athena Custom

July 30, dyeing Kenna Custom, Woodland, and Neon Fireworks  ***END July Co-op***

July 31, dyeing Chard, Remembrance, and Buterscotch SS for the MM Store.


Rainbow Mini Skeins and Semisolids Co-op--Ultimate Rainbow Mini Skein Sets, plus Colibri Silver semi
Amythest Grotto purple
Black Rose
Crazy Lady’s Purple
Flora navy semi
Galaxy M87
Girl in the Fireplace stone semi
Kelpie green
Isolde Pink
Luna’s Patronus
Maren Teal semi
Miranda Blue
Midwinter’s Frost Dk Blue
Orphan Wizard Gold Semi
Red Delicious
Shadow Gray
Wine SS

August Co-op:

Autumn Sunset--purple semi, lt pink
Balloons--dk grey/blue semi
Charlie --lilac semi, pink semi
Darkberry -- purple semi(original), grey semi(original)
Downton Abbey --original dk blue trim, brown semi
Fauna -Olive green semi, Beige semi
Hermione--socks (green trim), scarf (red semi)
Mo Nigheann Donn-Red Jamie semi, Moss semi
Nautical Sunset and Nautical Sunset variation (with green)--navy semi, orange semi
Nightmare Moon --black semi, purple semi
Penguins w Navy
Rose Tyler --bad wolf, light blue semi (whatever the bluish colour is)
Seeded--pink semi, green semi
Silver Play--purple semi, chandelier trim
St Patricks with/without fuchsia --fuchsia trim, blue semi trim


Morwenna’s choice surprise Dr. Who colorway --dyers choice semi, dyers choice trim
Geillis Duncan --hair semi, soft pink trim
Yosemite Night --blue semi, brown semi
Phoenix --orange semi (bottom two blocks), grey/turquoise semi (middle two blocks)


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