Co-op Updates/Dyeing Calendar

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  The dates on this dyeing calendar are approximate.  Your yarn will most likely be dyed within 2 weeks either way of it's date on the calendar.  Yarn supply issues, employee availability at our small family business and other variables make it difficult to pin down dates exactly.  The calendar is for estimating purposes only, and a place to track the progress of your order.  Orders are currently being shipped out upon completion and upon our receiving full payment and payment of posted shipping charges.  See our Ravelry Group for details.

For co-op information, please read this page:  Most of our co-ops are run by us on our Ravelry group.  smaller, private co-ops can often be accommodated, and will be drop-shipped by us.  Email for details.

**Important Scheduling Note**
A spot on our dye calendar is a date for the dyeing.  Dates are approximate and are subject to change.



APRIL 2014:

* Mosaic Moon co-op run by Becky Stratton

April 2, dyed Cool Rainbow variation

April 3, dyed Nested Blues, Thorne Jade SS, and Forever

April 7, dyed Awen, Crazy Lady's Purple SS, and Selah

April 8, dyed All Hallows, and Finch

April 9, dyed Flora Navy SS, Simplicity, and Branwen's Lament

April 10, dyed Jack Harkness, Boho Turquoise SS, and Spring

Aprill 14, dyed Purple Om, and Cinnamon Coffee, plus Club Redyes

April 15, dyeing Gumballs, and Longbowmen

April 16, dyeing MMDI Clubs

April 17, dyeing Dr Who and Harry Potter Clubs

April 21, dyeing Printemps, Daffodils and Sushine SS, and Sherbert

April 22, dyeing Rainfeather, Tardis SS, and Watermelon Salad

April 23, dyeing Luna Lovegood, and Carol Peltier

April 24, dyeing Black/Violet Peacock, and Charlie

April 28, dyeing Wilbur's WW Custom, and Girly Owl

MM co-op for April is now closed for orders:


Oldies Co-op is being formatted right now.  Dyeing will take place in early May.  Colorways are:

aslan --teal semi --gold
Branwen --turquoise semi --pink
coastal sunset --turquoise --orange
copper patina--blue/green semi --gold
Golden Compass-- lt blue -- gold
Kirkyard --forest green --dark grey
Lughnasagh--gold --purple
Mario --blue --red
Poppies --purple semi--orange/yellow semi
Samhain Skies--slate blue/dusty green semi--orange
Seadragon --royal blue --mint/lt blue semi
Sea Star --lavender --blue semi
Spiced Cocoa--dk pink semi, tan semi
Stonehenge Moon --green --purple semi
Sweeney Todd --red semi--grey
Synchronicity --turquoise semi --green
Teagan --brown semi --red
The Black Knight --black --red semi
Treasure Map--royal blue --orange
Tristan and Isolde--blue/purple semi --green
Wind in the Willows--green semi --purple semi
Winter Pear--green semi --brown semi

May Co-op 

Skeins are still available for purchase in this co-op

Colorways for May:

Stellar's Jay -- original blue, grey semi
Beachy--sand, waves
Rainbow Dash -- purple semi, yellow, blue semi
Bigger on the inside --orange semi, green semi
Dr. Who 50th anniversary --darker blue semi
Dragon’s Lair --grey semi, orange/yellow semi
Norwegian Nature --lavender trim, blue/green semi
Rainbow Dash
Seeded-- pink semi, green semi

Rajasthan blue semi
Sherlocked --semi based on eye --no black

Shine --lt green, Semi based on blues (colorblock 2,3,4)
221B --dk grey semi, navy blue semi from scarf
Vorstellen - (German for “imagine”) I am picturing this to be similar to Marshmallow, based on pastel rainbow dragon, lots of white. No black or background color. --blue, green semi
Twilight --purple semi, navy semi
Nautical sunset --Orange ss, navy trim

adding Winter coop
Gryffindor house
Wizardry green
October morning (gold, blue)
Royal Tara (brown ss, blue)
Gnome (gold ss, red ss)
burlap (Pink ss, burlap ss)

Celtic-Themed co-op:

This co-op is still open for orders

Leanan Sidhe--soft pink
Aisling--purple semi, green
An Sionnach --lt green semi, burgundy semi trim
web of life semi
Branwen’s Lament--Irish Sea semi, violet semi
Brave Variation, the one without orange, with/without white --lt blue, dark green semi
Kelpie --green semi, blue semi
barley corn semi
Morrigan with Lavender (version without white)--- lavender semi, brown semi
Ravensong variation with dark brown instead of black --brown
Wanderings of Oisin --brown semi, red semi
Mo Nighean Donn--Red Jamie semi, mossy green semi
Celtic Cat--orange semi, green
Nimue --slate/grey semi, tan/cream semi
colors Morwenna sees-Cream, Tan, Brown, Olive, Slate, Dk Slate, Dk Grey
St Patrick’s with/without Fuchsia --blue semi, fuchsia
Colors Morwenna sees-- Silver, Lt Blue, Med Slate Blue, Stone, Bluey Charcoal, Grass Green, Dusty Med Green, Fuchsia
Epona--- royal semi, silver
Colors Morwenna sees--Blondy-Tan, Dusty Caramel, White (dyed), Silver, Royal, Cobalt, Navy


June Co-op:

Opened April 14th for orders

Apple picking with or without pink --darker blue semi, pink
Barn Owl with or without white--green semi, brown
Bazinga-- purple semi, green
Chard --green semi, purple
Cinnamon Coffee--metallic semi, cinnamon
Cornish Pixie --purple, blue semi
Kate w/ navy--navy, pink semi
London--blue semi, green
Lugh’s Rainbow--rust, wavesweeper
Mojito--green, blue semi
Mulberry wine--wine, lavender
Old Fable--green semi, brown
Pink Lady--blue, red/pink semi
Whiskey you’re the Devil with olive--grildlock, olive semi
Woodland friends with/without pink--green semi, pink

Ballet Slippers
Polly blue
Scaredy cat grey

Summer Glow--semi of the top 3 blocks, green (bottom block)
Queen Elsa--frosty white/blue semi, darkest blue trim


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