Message regarding calendar dates:  The dates on this dyeing calendar are approximate and subject to change.  Your yarn will most likely be dyed within 2 weeks either way of it's date on the calendar.  Yarn supply issues, employee availability at our small family business and other variables make it difficult to pin down dates exactly.  The calendar is for estimating purposes only, and a place to track the progress of your order.  Orders are currently being shipped out upon completion and upon our receiving full payment and payment of posted shipping charges.  See our Ravelry Group for details.

For co-op information, please read this page:  Most of our co-ops are run by us on our Ravelry group.  Smaller, private co-ops can often be accommodated, and will be drop-shipped by us.  Email for details.

**Important Disclaimer**

By ordering in our co-ops, you agree that you have read and understand the following statement:

All yarns and fibers are dyed by Morwenna in small, individual batches.  Hand dyed yarns can and do vary from batch to batch. Monitors, cameras, and the human eye all see things differently! We cannot guarantee that the yarn or fiber that you receive will look exactly like the pictures in our galleries, or the pictures posted to Facebook or Ravelry.  Colors will look different on regular yarn vs. superwashed yarns, and different yarn and fiber types take dyes differently.  We do guarantee that you will receive an expertly dyed, beautiful, and expediently shipped-out product.  There are no returns on custom orders--this includes co-op orders--unless there is a true defect in the product.  Mosaic Moon will decide what constitutes a 'true defect'.

February Co-op, and Rainbow/Semisolid Co-op are dyed


March 9, dyeing Coastal Sunset, The Apple SS custom, Muted Berries Pink/Lavender SS, and Tink

March 10, dyeing Lycanthropy SS, Golden Afternoon custom, and Elsa

March 11, dyeing Sherlocked SS, Cool Rainbow w/White, Practically Perfect Custom, and Rajasthan Blue SS

March 12, dyeing Celtic Cat, and Mojito Gradient Set

March 16, dyeing Maleficent Custom, Potions Master Gradient Set, Amethyst Grotto Purple SS, and Simplicity Grey SS

March 17, dyeing Semisolid Clubs

March 18, dyeing Lunas Patronus SS, Lunas Patronus Gradient Set, Best Friends Custom, and Witch SS Custom

March 19, dyeing Anna, Tulips, and Elleve SS

March 23, dyeing Gradient Clubs, and April SS Club prototypes

March 25, dyeing Neon Fireworks, Lake Huron, and Battlement SS

March 26 and 30, dyeing Quick March Co-op



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