Co-op Updates/Dyeing Calendar

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  The dates on this dyeing calendar are approximate.  Your yarn will most likely be dyed within 2 weeks either way of it's date on the calendar.  Yarn supply issues, employee availability at our small family business and other variables make it difficult to pin down dates exactly.  The calendar is for estimating purposes only, and a place to track the progress of your order.  Orders are currently being shipped out upon completion and upon our receiving full payment and payment of posted shipping charges.  See our Ravelry Group for details.

For co-op information, please read this page:  Most of our co-ops are run by us on our Ravelry group.  smaller, private co-ops can often be accommodated, and will be drop-shipped by us.  Email for details.

**Important Scheduling Note**
A spot on our dye calendar is a date for the dyeing.  Dates are approximate and are subject to change.




September Co-op and dyeing schedule.

September 8, dyed quick Yoda co-op.

September 9, dyed Sweetcream Scoops, and Pinkie Pie

September 10, dyed Guinevere and Selah ***deconstructed***

September 15, dyed Optimus Prime, Woodland Tale, and Lycanthropy SS

Sept 16, dyeing Kingfisher quick co-op and new Semisolid Club

September 17, dyeng Whiskey You're the Devil, Zombie Apocalypse Custom, Nautical Sunset Orange SS, and Old Friends SS

September 18, dyeing Louvre, New Colorway, and Bronzey Red SS for MM Store

September 23, dyeing Way of Lost Souls, Deep Space, and Morganna Red SS

September 24, dyeing Queen Elsa, and Snowy Lights

September 25, dyeing Rarity, 221B, and Gridlock SS

September 30, dyeing Boho, Anna Custom, and Lake Huron Blue SS






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