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Yarn Care

About Wool Yarn and Fibers

We prepare and dye our yarns and fibers very carefully, using only the highest quality, professional dyes.  However, due to the nature of hand dyeing, some excess dye may remain in your yarn/fiber, especially for the first few washes.  We recommend washing carefully, with an added 1-2 T of white vinegar in the wash water to help prevent dye migration.  This is especially true for spinning fibers/rovings as we are not able to rinse them as vigorously as the yarn due to their delicate nature.  You may like to add vinegar to the water when setting the twist on hand-spun yarn, for example.

Also, please note that although dyes are set when they leave our hands, certain soaps or wool washes (especially those with chemical scents) may cause the dye to bleed out of the yarns/fibers.  You will need to experiment to determine which wool washes or soaps are best for your wool.  Additives to water systems may also cause some dye bleed.  We have found it best to wash wool with a touch of white vinegar, as this seems to solve the problem.  We have also found that the wool washes from Naturally Luxe www.naturallyluxe.com are excellent for washing our wool and fibers.

On a last note, if using your yarn for diapering applications, please be aware that the chemical reaction from a very soaked diaper can cause formerly set dyes to begin to bleed.  Please be aware and cautious of this when you launder these items.


About Wool Knits

Mosaic Moon™ Wool Soakers are lovingly hand-knit and hand-dyed by Morwenna of Mosaic Moon. We use only 100% untreated wool and dye in a rainbow of colors using high-quality acid dyes, and occasionally natural dyes. Each soaker item takes many hours of work and is a unique piece of art for your baby.

The drawstrings are specially braided on a Lucet, an old-fashioned tool used by the Vikings (and on into Victorian times) to make a super-stretchy (and attractive!) 4-way braid. The drawstring can be removed, if you wish, but of course we think it's really cute!

Wool is a unique and wonderful choice as a water-resistant cover for your baby's diapers. Moisture resistant, absorbing 30% of it's weight in liquid before feeling damp to the touch, tough yet soft, stretchy and elastic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, it's the natural choice! Before I began knitting them, I was very skeptical of the performance of a hand-knit wool soaker--knitting has holes, right? Well, I was pleasantly surprised, because these things really do work! We have used knitted wool soakers, shorts and pants exclusively from birth on our current baby and we just love them. Buy with confidence. Hand-knit work-of-art soakers make a great baby gift too.

Washing & Re-lanolinizing Instructions

All soakers should be hand washed in warm water with a high quality woolwash or mild shampoo. Gently squeeze out excess water in a towel and lay flat to dry. Because of wool's amazing properties, soakers really only do need to be washed every 2-3 weeks or when soiled. If yours becomes damp, allow to air dry and it's ready to use again. Every couple of months (or when you have noticed the waterproof-ness lessening), re-lanolinize your cover by putting a dab of lanolin in a jar; add HOT water, a drop of soap, and shake to dissolve. Add this to a sink full of warm water. Immerse the soaker for several hours or overnight. Viola! Your soaker is now re-lanolinized.

There are many woolwash products made especially for diapering applications which include lanolin--thus extending the period between lanolinzing baths. We love the organic WOW products from Naturally Luxe which also carried liquid lanolin and lanolin spray--among many other fine bodycare products.

After discovering natural wool, you will never want to use synthetic covers again! An added benefit--wool soakers are better for the environment than synthetics too! And of course, so much more beautiful.

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