Learn to Knit over 12 months with Mosaic Moon and Valya

About Mosaic Moon

Mosaic Moon is a small, artisan hand-dyed yarn and fiber business.  Started by Morwenna Palmehn in 2003, Mosaic Moon has grown from a small custom-knitting business to become a top hand-dyer in the Indie Dyed yarn and fiber world.  

Morwenna's whole family is involved in the business--she does all of the dyeing while her husband David mixes dyes, rinses, spins out and dries the wool.  Morwenna and David's teen-aged sons do all of the yarn winding/skeining, while all 4 of the older kids take turns reskeining and labeling.  Morwenna's mom, Lora-Layne does the order spreadsheets, bookkeeping, and applies her expert penmanship to each label.  Long-time friend of Morwenna's and honorary Auntie to all of the kids, Jessica, is the most recent addition to the Mosaic Moon family--she has taken on the immense job of shipping all packages, keeping track of payments, professional yarn twisting and label application, and generally keeping absolutely everything running smoothly!

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